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India Travel Guide Essentials

India Travel Guide

Here is some useful information serving as India guide

At India Airport: at every Indian airport, one has to complete immigration or custom formalities. The other important information for the travelers is about the airport departure taxes, which are applied at different level for different countries and are not included in the cost of tour. In case of Indian airline flight, checked in baggage allowance in business class is 30 kilograms per person and in economy class is 20 kilograms per person.

Weather in India: India experience hot tropical climate with some variation ranging from region to region. Weather is cool from November to mid- March with fresh cool morning and dry sunny days. Hot unpleasant weather last from April to June. It's dry and dusty. Rains are generally in the months of June to September.

What to wear: travel India with light clothes so that you can enjoy your trip and can come back with lot of souvenir. Women should dress conservatively. The best dress to wear during summers is loose T-shirt and cotton trousers and more important is that there are easily available anywhere in the country.

Business hours: offices generally operate between 9:30 am to 5:30 am on weekdays. Saturdays may be half working, full- working or off.

Tipping in India: generally in India, tips are not included in bills. Some of the top class Indian hotels include service charges else 10% tipping is paid. Here, the attendants or hotel staffs are generally tipped at the end of the stay. Sometimes early tip can help you in obtaining better services. Tips in case of taxi drivers are not essential.

Electricity: 220 V voltage is generally supplied for domestic usage. The converters are easily available at hardware shops, if it does not switch to 220 V.

Communication: one can easily find internet cafes to search for the reliable information. Telegrams/fax etc can be availed from hotels or telegraph offices in major cities in the country.

Safety: the same rules are followed in India with regard to safety precautions such as keeping India travel documents safe and lock boxes etc. avoid taking precious things in crowd for the personal safety as you yourself are responsible to your belongings.

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