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Travel to India and explore the nation to open your sense to a lively world of recreation. As in every nation, you can come across any sort of people, though generally Indians are friendly, amiable and warm hearted. Still we at quickbooker present some travel tips to ensure safe traveling in the country. Some travel warnings that we think are necessary are mentioned below to offer you comfortable and unforgettable stay in India. These tips guide you during the travel to India, so follow it and enjoy to the extent you can


  • It is recommended to shop from Government emporium or suggested shops from the list of Department of tourism. All such information can be gathered from tourist offices in India.
  • Never forget that export of wildlife or their products is totally banned and strictly regulated. Some items which are permissible are allowed as personal luggage only under export permit.
  • All auto-rickshaw and taxis owner do not have meters, but they insist their presence in order to befool travelers. Seek the policemanís assistance in this regard or try to hire prepaid taxis while traveling from one station to another.
  • Avoid brokers and touts of shopkeepers.
  • Remember to cover your head before entering Sikh shrines.
  • Consider taking help from the touristsí offices or police stations to be reliable in case of any difficulty.


  • Avoid shopping from the street, you might be allured
  • Exchange money only with authorized exchange dealers
  • Donít encourage beggars by giving money or any other items.
  • Keep your footwear out while entering any place of worship, either temple or Mosque. Some temples do not permit the entrance of leather inside, so avoid it.
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