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Indian transportation is one of the best transportation in the world. The interconnected means of roadways, railways and airways have made it possible to travel easily to and within India.

Airways- airways is the common mode of transportation by majority of visitors. Various facilities are provided at international airport such as Indian tourists' information offices, hotel transportation, money exchange facilities and India hotel reservation services serving visitors all round the clock. Indian airlines operate the domestic air services, thus connecting 70 cities. These airlines operate some regular flights to handle transportation from India to some other neighboring countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Railways- the Indian International railway system is largest in Asia and second largest in the world. There are many express trains that link the main cities and provide ease to the travelers. Even the cost of reservation is nominal and children between the age of 5 yrs to 12 yrs have to pay half the fare to that of regular one and below 5 yrs, they are allowed to travel free. It is always better to obtain the reservation in advance to escape the crowd.

Roadways- this means of transportation is quite common in India but travelers should have the accurate information about border crossing. Political situation and India visa requirements. Car rental system is also quite common among modes of transportation in India. Short and long route metered taxis and chauffer driven cars are easily available. Driving in India resemble that with British as driving to the left rule is followed in both the nations.

By Bus: there are several companies that arrange transportation by bus to have a nice time in adventure holidays. These bus services are well connected even in the regions, where train does not runs such as in mountainous region. For the ease of travelers, detail regarding bus services and route can be obtained from local tourist Offices in India.

Taxis and auto-rickshaws: these are the important modes of transportation in India and are easily identified by their black and yellow color. These are easily available in large cities and fares are charged o the basis of distance.

Waterways- some of the main sea ports in India are Calcutta, Chennai, Calicut, Rameswaram, Panaji, Mumbai and Kochi. Several international shipping companies and luxury cruise lines also serve as means of transportation in India. There is one popular attractive boat journey is the backwaters excursion in vicinity of Kochi in Kerala.

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