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The rich and diverse form of culture with its own uniqueness and rich heritage is admired and respected across the world. Throughout the various eras of history, the Indian culture has regularly been adapted, along with all the time absorbing tradition, ideas and customs from both immigrants and invaders. The unique and oldest culture of India is well known for its diversity through out the country. Make up your mind to travel North, South and Northeast and you will be amazed to see distinct culture in each region. At present each state of the country has carved its own cultural niche. India, a huge country has a variety of climatic condition and geographical features. The diverse form of Indian culture is hardly seen in any country of the world.

There are many ancient civilizations and world's famous religion such as Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism etc. that prevailed in the country. The co-mingling of religions over the centuries is manifested in many of the cultural practices, customs, language and monuments. A big form of diversity exists throughout the entire mainland of modern India. Though the diverse form of culture exists in the country, but still they are all bound together due to common history, thus, preserving the nation's identity.

Indian culture presents itself to be a compound mixture of varying styles and influences. North and South India totally differs from each other in the matter of cuisines. Indian festivals are portrayed by gaiety, prayers, rituals and enthusiasm. Diversity in case of music is also not lagging behind. It can be easily seen in varieties of folk, pop, popular and classical music. The classical tradition of music in India comprises Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Inspite of so much diversity, the unity in the citizens is pride of the nation. The wide range of culture, languages, customs and religion are some of the reasons for pride. One of the important components of the Indian culture is the manners in the citizens and their way of communicating. Though improved life style and modern means of living have been accepted by Indian people, but still traditional beliefs and customs have not been changed. Respecting guests and serving them as God and accepting them as a part and parcel of family are some of the good features of Indian people. Elders, the driving force for the family and respecting them is a major aspect in Indian culture. Touching feet of the elder people for their blessing still has an importance in the Indian society.

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